Our  laboratory is a fully-equipped to perform dimensional inspection and functional tests of  designed  products to help engineering teams meet current industry standards and customer product specifications objectives. Orange Products' team of highly trained and experienced technicians uses high-tech equipment to provide customers with accurate and precise data for prototype and production component inspection.


Capabilities include:
•    Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) by Mitutoyo

Provides high speed measurements. A wide range of component sizes can be accommodated and the equipment can be used for most dimensions.
•    Profilometer Surface Finish Analysis
Enables precise surface finish analysis.
•    Vacuum chamber
Provides capabilities of carrying out the leakage tests of  packages with water or formula.
•    Other inspection equipment available:

-    Standard and digital micrometers for size measurements,

-    Mechanical force gages for push/pull measurement,

-    Press to check mechanical strength of the balls.

-    Digital torque gages for measurement of force required to open/close caps,

-    Digital scale for weight measurements,

-    Press to check mechanical resistance of balls.

We also developed an original in-house test to compare dosage of formula from roll on dispensing systems.
  • Plastic Balls
  • cosmetic packaging
  • Plastic Balls